16 June 2020

跳脫框架展現空間表情 打造暖調經典辦公領域

案場原為住宅配置,禾森設計 杜智孟 設計總監 打破格局, 將之改造為自家的辦公場域; 除了重新設置管線,將天壁塗以色料, 更運用過往案例留存的材料, 鋪排成為品牌階段性的總集; 在有限的工期下, 從原先毫無表情的毛胚屋, 蛻變成為趣味輪廓的工作空間

The project was originally a residential configuration, however HOE-SEN INTERIOR DESIGN Design Director ZHI MENG DU transformed the pattern into an office layout. In addition to re-set the pipeline, also re-painted the ceiling and the wall with pigment. Furthermore, exploit the materials that remained from the previous cases, thence show up each distinguished stage of the brand.In view of the tight construction period, yet we successfully transformed the non-decorated space into an interesting office setting.