02 July 2020

跳脫框架展現空間表情 打造暖調經典辦公領域

業主在情境上表達了對原初系色調如暖木色、自然意象的喜愛,於是 禾森設計 杜智孟 設計總監 依循其想法加以劃設,使整體景觀具渾然天成的壯闊風光;引渡山水意象進駐公設,突破日常的天地壁構圖,採用波浪符號以及相異的材質與色樣,最終鋪敘出色彩濃豔卻寬闊非凡、具流動性的量體景觀。

The property owner is keen about raw colors such as the balmy wooden hue and nature scenes; therefore HOE-SEN INTERIOR DESIGN design director ZHI MENG DU planned the panorama space of a magnificent natural layout to comply with the idea. Set up the public domain of landscape factors, for example, get rid of the conventional patterns of the ceiling, floor, and walls, further, make use of different materials and colors and then transform into waving texture, eventually construct an extraordinary dynamic views of the building site.